Cotton Wool Balls

  1. Into a Magic Circle, 1ch, 6sc, sl st in 1st sc to join.
  2. 2sc in each sc, around. (12 sts)
  3. 1sc, inc in each sc, around. (18 sts)
  4. Sc around.
  5. Sc around.
  6. Sc around.
  7. Sc around.
  8. 1sc, dec, around. (12 sts)
  9. Stuff ball with pure wool.
  10. sc2tog, around. (6 sts)
  11. Break yarn, thread through remaining sts, pull tight, fasten securely

Repeat 200 times.

That was the main part of a project me and Chris were working on, the idea being to make our own pillows as neither of us wanted to be poisoned by formaldehyde from the polyester pillows we had been sleeping on. (note: we do not vouch for the validity of the article, just something else to consider in the sick polluted world in which we live.)

We could have bought feather pillows, but as we had the ability to make our own, we did.

And failed.

It just did not turn out as comfortable as we wished and so the pillowcases that Chris knitted so exquisitely in Jumbo Cotton White,  from Yarn Paradise were frogged, and no, that is NOT an affiliate link, but clicking it may well force you to purchase unknown quantities of yarn 😉

As for the 200 Cotton Wool Balls…

I’m sure that one day, when I’ve recovered, I’ll think of something to do with them!



The curious case of the missing crochet mojo

It was sometime after I’d published the pattern for my Crochet Hook Tidy that it happened, my crochet mojo left the building, I couldn’t even face looking at a crochet hook 😦

I’m not the kind of person who can just stop being creative, so I turned to knitting. My Grandma taught me to knit before I started school and I think she was always a little disappointed that I never got into serious knitting. Well it’s never too late, I’ve now taught myself the Magic Loop method, much easier for knitting socks than fighting with DPN’s, and I’m in the middle of knitting Chris a nice warm woollen waistcoat, as well as a pair of socks and a cowl for myself.

Maybe one day my crochet mojo will return, but for now I’m a nutty knitter instead (or as well as) a crazy crocheter!