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How To Thread Beads Onto Yarn

I included this simple tutorial in the pattern for Beaded Favour Gift Bag, but thought it polite to share with everyone 🙂 For this tutorial I used larger beads and wire, just make sure the wire you use threads through the beads when doubled over. Fold a length of wire in half, and thread the… Continue reading How To Thread Beads Onto Yarn

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Beaded Favour Gift Bag Knitting Pattern

Finally the sun has come out so I can take pictures of my new design, it's been so frustrating having to wait. I finished it not long after I wrote the post about using a ball of yarn and beads for something...well this is the something! The idea came from the paper favour gift bags that… Continue reading Beaded Favour Gift Bag Knitting Pattern

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T-shaped Turks Head Knots and How To Tie Them

Today, you will learn how to tie the T-shaped Turk's Head knot. On the Internet you can find lots of different Turk's Head knots, but you rarely find the T-shaped version. Decorate a tool handle  with it (if you want to have the fanciest spade down at the allotments 🙂 ) or tie one on a… Continue reading T-shaped Turks Head Knots and How To Tie Them

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How to Wind a Center-Pull Ball By Hand

1) Tie a slip knot in the end of your yarn. 2) Tighten this slip knot on your winding tool. I like to pull this slip knot tight in the hook of the crochet hook, or high up toward the end of the knitting needle, to keep it out of the way. 3) Hold your… Continue reading How to Wind a Center-Pull Ball By Hand

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Getting Ahead With Hair

For this tutorial, you will need, some yarn, needle and thread, cardboard, and of course a head! The type of yarn depends on what kind of hair style you are trying to achieve, for the purposes of this tutorial, I used 3-ply. It is also advisable to use a sewing thread that matches as closely… Continue reading Getting Ahead With Hair

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Tunisian Crochet – A Basic Tutorial

If you've never tried Tunisian Crochet before, now is the time to give it a go, for this basic tutorial you can use a normal crochet hook as there are only a few stitches, if you're worried about the loops dropping off, wrap an elastic band around the end. I've also compiled this tutorial into a… Continue reading Tunisian Crochet – A Basic Tutorial