Tunisian Cables

Not the tidiest piece of work I’ve done, but I have to crochet in between matches, I’m sorry, but Wimbledon takes priority!

So here’s a quick sample of Tunisian Knit and Purl Stitch with a bit of cable worked on the same basis as knitted cables. I might do more on this later…but right now there’s another match to watch!

Tunisian Cables


The Trials and Tribulations of Tunisian Crochet!

I started the day with another of my stupid ideas…make a christmas stocking in Tunisian Crochet, in 2 colours, using short rows…sometimes I’d be better staying in bed!

It doesn’t look too bad in the flesh yarn, but it looks really bad in the pics, oh well back to The Yarn Lab drawing board for me!!

And for reference, there aren’t 2 stockings, it’s the same one, front and back…

Tunisian Crochet – A Basic Tutorial

If you’ve never tried Tunisian Crochet before, now is the time to give it a go, for this basic tutorial you can use a normal crochet hook as there are only a few stitches, if you’re worried about the loops dropping off, wrap an elastic band around the end. I’ve also compiled this tutorial into a PDF for you to download.

Tunisian Crochet is worked in two half rows which form one row, there is no turning chain as all rows are worked on the right side, the Forward Pass is where you pick up the loops, the Reverse Pass is where you work off the loops.  Don’t worry about the technical terms for now, just work through the tutorial, and all will become clear.

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Tunisian Crochet

You know you’re addicted to crochet when you wake up at 5:30am with an idea for a tutorial, more specifically, a Tunisian Crochet tutorial. I’ve been working a new design that uses Tunisian Short Rows and I realised that a lot of explaining ‘how to‘ will be necessary, but that will be in another tutorial.

There are quite a few tutorials already, but I wanted to see if I could write my own, I think it’s time I shared some of my…ahem…wisdom, what little I have, and of course it will be in my usual quirky style. By quirky style I mean that I’m not always very good at describing things technically correct, but hopefully you’ll have fun learning!