What Lace?

I was trying to take a pic of my latest design, but something got in the way! Of course he immediately assumed that all too familiar look of innocence! Doesn’t fool anyone!

Too Busy To Blog!

I’ve been so engrossed working on new designs that I haven’t had time to write any blog posts…except for this one to let you know that I’m busy!! A nasty bout of Ocular Migraines didn’t help either, it only lasted a couple of days, but was then followed by an eye infection, so I thought…

Smoky Crochet

I’d just set up my latest design to be photographed when my dearly loved kitty decided he wanted a piece of the action. Sorry but my free design does not include a free cat!

WIP – Smoky!

I was working on my latest design when Smoky decided that crocheting with fur might be a better idea! This is why I sell patterns not finished work, it gets covered in cat hair! He’s way too cute to get angry at, the baby only wanted some fuss 🙂

Origami Cat

Smoky has been watching Chris doing Origami and thought he’d try it with my duvet, I think all the folding was too much, sleep is a much better idea!

And so to bed

Shana has been busy crocheting for most of the past week  and has made Smoky the most exquisite circular bed. And see what a perfect fit it is! In a delicious dark chocolate brown with orange sides, I swear it looked good enough to eat. Im still not sure if it was really cotton wool…