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Long mat

While the rest of the world (or so it seems) has cottoned on to cotton, I have become a dyed-in-the-wool fan of acrylic. To any yarn purists reading this I might apologise for mixing my metaphors. But not for mixing my fibres 🙂 My latest acquisition (thanks to Shana, who can't actually use it herself… Continue reading Long mat

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Forget about I-cord. Here comes Pli-cord!

My very recent post about making Turk's Head knots led some CraftShack readers to want to know more, especially about how I made the cordage to begin with. Well, I used a little tool called a 'lucet'. They're easy to get hold of or you could make your own. But other means are available for those… Continue reading Forget about I-cord. Here comes Pli-cord!

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Lucet cord key fobs

Having got my lucet a couple of weeks ago, I have been raiding the scrap yarn drawer for all those niggly little bits of acrylic that were left over after Shana's previous projects. I now have half a shoe box full of various lengths of cordage that I made on the lucet. So after lunch… Continue reading Lucet cord key fobs

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I’ve got a lucet and I know how to use it!

I first discovered the delights of the lucet or 'knitting fork' about eighteen months ago and tried to improvise my own lucet using something I grabbed from my toolbox (see 'Knitting With Spanners' for a full explanation). Recently, though, after being mighty impressed at seeing lucet maestro Ziggy Rytka on the telly, Shana decided it… Continue reading I’ve got a lucet and I know how to use it!


Knitting with spanners

Apparently, there are men in this world who knit. I know, it's scarcely credible. Nevertheless, it's true. Some men even crochet, would you believe it! (I think I'm going to have to sit down for a moment to recover.) Anyway, the least these blokes can do is use proper manly tools. So, in the name… Continue reading Knitting with spanners