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Untamed DPN’s

Although I can knit quite easily with DPN's (see pics above), for the life of me I cannot get started with them. I've seen endless tutorials with all the sticks in a nice order, and nice words reassuring me that all I need to do is line them up and knit. I suspect the pictures… Continue reading Untamed DPN’s


The Great Dishcloth Challenge

Oops, with a title like that I've really gone and 'bigged it up' now, haven't I? It was a short but fun project though and for once both Shana and I could work on making the same thing at the same time. And as a wise washer-upper once said, you can never have too many… Continue reading The Great Dishcloth Challenge


Testing KnitPro Cubics

'Square knitting needles?' I said to Shana in disbelief. 'Square!' But Shana assured me that there was indeed such a thing as square knitting needles and not to worry as it was not April Fool's Day and neither was the world about to end. We agreed to get some of these needles and try them… Continue reading Testing KnitPro Cubics

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Knitted Blessings

Hand knitted versions of six Lincolnshire parish churches will go on display at Lincoln Cathedral in August. The knitted churches have all been hand-crafted by community groups as part of the artsNK managed Woolly Spires project and will be on display from August 1 to 30. The exhibition includes one church from each district of… Continue reading Knitted Blessings

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Knitting Espionage

I've mentioned to Chris on a few occasions about my design notes for patterns looking like a secret code. Well it appears I might have been nearer to the truth than I realised after reading an article on Atlas Obscura, titled 'The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool'. It's a fascinating article,… Continue reading Knitting Espionage

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Sunshine Waffle Placemat & Coaster Set Knitting Pattern

This pattern is knitted in double and plain knitting giving extra depth to the placemat & coaster, and all in a nice cheery yellow to brighten any table. I used a version of the Alternate Cable Cast On method, instructions are included in the pattern. Materials One placemat & coaster used approximately 1½ balls of… Continue reading Sunshine Waffle Placemat & Coaster Set Knitting Pattern