If knitting stitches were eggs

‘I’ve lost my count!’ Shana wailed. A fine time to lose count, I thought. She could have done it at some other time than while working on a  Top Secret new project 🙂 But the wailing continued… ‘I have forty-eight stitches here…’ ‘Now just hold it there a moment,’ I said. ‘This isn’t going to…


Needed something to make me laugh this morning, one of my designs is fighting back, I’ve tried knitting it, purling it, threw two colours at it…it’s just not working. So I shall take a deep breath, have a mug of strong tea, then try again. Failure is not an option!

I love to go a Wanda-ing

‘No question about it. You just have to buy that book,’ I said, listening to Shana describe something she’d found on eBay. ‘But you don’t even do crochet, so what possible use is it to you?’ ‘Who cares!’ I insisted. ‘That is just such a fantastic name for an author. You couldn’t make it up….