New Hooks and Butterflies!

After struggling with generic crochet hooks for months I decided I’d had enough and would buy some new ones. As my KnitPro knitty sticks and circs have been so good, I bought a couple of their crochet hooks.

They crochet like a dream, no more fighting with splitty yarn, they just glide through the stitches. The handle is nice and soft, and they’re small enough to fit in my hand, perfect.

And now to new butterflies, I’ve completely rewritten the Butterfly Cluster Square in three colours instead of two, it is a bit more fiddly to crochet, but I think it’s worth it. Here’s the before and after pics…

With the new design it’s much easier to join squares together to make a blankie or shawl or…whatever you desire 🙂

I’ve also finished another three of my free patterns, Laura’s Motif, Faith’s Motif and Juliet’s Motif.

I shall now take a well earned break before doing any more work…I’ve got a wall that needs painting…cobwebs to hoover…cakes to bake…cat to fuss…

The Moth Cloth

This design was intended to be a butterfly lace washcloth, Chris said there are too many things with butterflies on, and decided it was a Moth Cloth. I couldn’t really argue, after all it is full of holes!

Whether you decide to knit it as a washcloth, or incorporate the design into a scarf, or a blanket, just remember that you’re supporting all the unloved moths out there that get overlooked in favour of butterflies!

The Moth Cloth
The Moth Cloth
Sample used DK weight Cotton with 4.00mm needles. 

Finished Size:
Approximatively 7”/ 17cm square.

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