Crochet Cord

My grateful thanks to Renate Kirkpatrick for permission to share this technique, this is the cord I’ve utilised in some of my designs like the Champagne Kisses Bag.

Make this decorative cord using any yarn of your choice, each will create an individual result – fingering, metallic, ribbon, chunky or even try using 2 or more threads together – the cord can be incorporated into your freeform work, used as a handle strap or sewn on as binding to created a beautiful edging.

1) Start with 2 chains & work dc (US sc) in 2nd ch from hook then turn work clockwise

2) Work dc (US sc) in unused back loop of same chain then turn work clockwise

cr-cord-2x (1)


3) From now on work dc (US sc) in both loops at side of cord then turn work clockwise


4) Continue working in this way until cord is desired length, finish off.



  1. Your Hometown Hooker says:

    That’s interesting – I’ve used the I-cord before, but never tried this one. I did figure out which 2 loops to work into but from the photos alone it is hard to see where the previous sc ends and the new one begins, so it could be confusing for a newbie.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    -Your Hometown Hooker

    1. Shana Rae says:

      It is a bit confusing at first, it took me a long while to get the hang of it, but after much cursing, I cracked it! 🙂

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