If knitting stitches were eggs

'I've lost my count!' Shana wailed. A fine time to lose count, I thought. She could have done it at some other time than while working on a  Top Secret new project 🙂 But the wailing continued... 'I have forty-eight stitches here...' 'Now just hold it there a moment,' I said. 'This isn't going to… Continue reading If knitting stitches were eggs


Testing KnitPro Cubics

'Square knitting needles?' I said to Shana in disbelief. 'Square!' But Shana assured me that there was indeed such a thing as square knitting needles and not to worry as it was not April Fool's Day and neither was the world about to end. We agreed to get some of these needles and try them… Continue reading Testing KnitPro Cubics

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Only 150 days until . . .

Chris started it, I wasn't even thinking about...erm...*whispers* Christmas,  he decided he'd like to knit a scarf, I nonchalantly suggested he might knit one for Mater & Pater, well two obviously, but I meant one each. Before I knew what was happening, Chris had chosen the yarn he'd like to use, I'd ordered it, the… Continue reading Only 150 days until . . .

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Knitted Blessings

Hand knitted versions of six Lincolnshire parish churches will go on display at Lincoln Cathedral in August. The knitted churches have all been hand-crafted by community groups as part of the artsNK managed Woolly Spires project and will be on display from August 1 to 30. The exhibition includes one church from each district of… Continue reading Knitted Blessings

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Nova Rusticana Purse

I decided to update the pattern for the Rustic Coin Purse design, except the update turned into a complete re-design! I've kept the listing for the old design, but renamed the new one to avoid confusion. Chris can take the credit for the new name, he was knitting with neon acrylic yarn at the time,… Continue reading Nova Rusticana Purse

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Another Serving of Raspberry Ripple!

I first released the pattern for the Raspberry Ripple bag in 2013, it's one of my favourites, but I didn't do it full justice at the time because I used *whispers* acrylic yarn...I wasn't too impressed with the original pic either, so a new one was taken in 2016... Well there is now a new… Continue reading Another Serving of Raspberry Ripple!