Repurposing a Bean Bag. . .

Well that was the plan when Chris dug this old bean bag out of the loft, I thought we could turn it into two laptrays with the beans from the bag.

Smoky had other ideas. Methinks he’s claimed it as his own.

So if you’re reading this post expecting some useful upcycling, sorry, I’m not brave enough to argue with the cat!


What Lace?

I was trying to take a pic of my latest design, but something got in the way!

Smoky sitting on Lace

Of course he immediately assumed that all too familiar look of innocence!

Smoky sitting on lace looking innocent!
Smoky sitting on lace looking innocent!

Doesn’t fool anyone!

And so to bed


Shana has been busy crocheting for most of the past week  and has made Smoky the most exquisite circular bed.

And see what a perfect fit it is!

In a delicious dark chocolate brown with orange sides, I swear it looked good enough to eat. Im still not sure if it was really cotton wool stuffing or fluffy marshmallow that Shana filled it with. A few sprinkles of catnip did go in there though. Funny thing about catnip is that a little can make a cat excitable, whereas a larger amount can have the opposite effect.

Smoky has certainly taken to his new bed and now gets up only for one of four reasons:

  • Noms.
  • Chasing ‘DaBird’ toy.
  • To ‘powder his nose’ (a.k.a. use the litter tray).
  • To watch ‘Bargain Hunt‘.

P.S. I might have lied about ‘Bargain Hunt