Pli-cord: how to cast off

Just in case anyone is out there with three miles of Pli-cord dangling off the end of a pair of pliers and wondering what to do next, here's how to cast off. You may now breathe a big sigh of relief. Altogether: Phew! Right. Here's where you start. Or finish, I guess. Let's assume you've… Continue reading Pli-cord: how to cast off

lucet · Pli-cord

Forget about I-cord. Here comes Pli-cord!

My very recent post about making Turk's Head knots led some CraftShack readers to want to know more, especially about how I made the cordage to begin with. Well, I used a little tool called a 'lucet'. They're easy to get hold of or you could make your own. But other means are available for those… Continue reading Forget about I-cord. Here comes Pli-cord!