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A Lesson In Existential Knitting by Knitzsche

The Sentinels, formidable ktbl stitches, kept a firm control over the knit and purl rib. One day the rib stitches could take no more and after a fierce battle with the Sentinels, made a bid for freedom. Their victory was short-lived. The Sentinels quelled the rebellion and bought the rib stitches back under their control. This epic… Continue reading A Lesson In Existential Knitting by Knitzsche

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The first of a hundred waistcoats

I am now the proud (also toasty 🙂 ) owner of a woollen waistcoat that Shana has spent quite a while knitting. Shana certainly had her work cut out for her, what with having to put the knitting to one side for some considerable time, due to a mega spell of mystery illness. It was… Continue reading The first of a hundred waistcoats

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The curious case of the missing crochet mojo

It was sometime after I'd published the pattern for my Crochet Hook Tidy that it happened, my crochet mojo left the building, I couldn't even face looking at a crochet hook 😦 I'm not the kind of person who can just stop being creative, so I turned to knitting. My Grandma taught me to knit before I… Continue reading The curious case of the missing crochet mojo

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Allergic to Crochet

I was recently asked what brand are the hooks that I used in the picture of my Crochet Hook Tidy, well the simple answer is they are a cheap non-branded variety. I would love to own Addi hooks, but finances will not permit such luxury, besides there is a reason why I chose these hooks.… Continue reading Allergic to Crochet

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I am NOT bobblehead!

Ever have one of those days when a design does not go as planned? Do you get an overwhelming urge to destroy not only the offending object, but shred every ball of yarn within a 100 yard radius? *sighs* Today is one of those days for me...this was supposed to be an angel...looks more like… Continue reading I am NOT bobblehead!