If knitting stitches were eggs

‘I’ve lost my count!’ Shana wailed. A fine time to lose count, I thought. She could have done it at some other time than while working on a  Top Secret new project 🙂 But the wailing continued… ‘I have forty-eight stitches here…’ ‘Now just hold it there a moment,’ I said. ‘This isn’t going to…

Savage Socks

Chris found this on Savage Chickens, a cartoon strip we both find quite amusing, I so had to share!  


Needed something to make me laugh this morning, one of my designs is fighting back, I’ve tried knitting it, purling it, threw two colours at it…it’s just not working. So I shall take a deep breath, have a mug of strong tea, then try again. Failure is not an option!

Knitting with screwdrivers

(…or, if you prefer, ‘Purling with Pozidrives‘ 🙂 ) At last, the long-awaited sequel to Knitting with spanners, which I wrote back in November 2013. As you might expect, the basics of knitting are not too hard to grasp. (If I can do it, so can you.) However, most blokes might be put off having…

Crochet Hook Tidy For Men

Over breakfast this morning, I mentioned in passing to Chris that I was thinking about designing a crochet hook tidy more suitable for male crocheters. In between mouthfuls of cereal, Chris mumbled, “crochet hunk tidy.” I almost choked on my oatibix flakes, and stopped munching a raisin for a moment to partake of a hearty…

Happy 50th birthday Action Man!

According to an article on the BBC, it is 50 years since Action Man arrived in the UK. So it only seems inappropriate to share something from my craft archives…this is what I did to Action Man!

How to keep fit with knots

Yes, now you can keep fit without having to endure hours of gruelling exercises like press-ups or the mind-numbing tedium of ‘The Plank’ (that’s just one looooong press up really, isn’t it?). All you need is one sturdy pencil (mine was 18cm) and a fairly robust shoelace. The example in our pics was just over…

Make fancy bows with this fantastic new tool

We recently saw a little plastic bow maker on telly. I thought it was quite neat, but Shana, who is much less easily impressed than I, was not impressed. ‘It looks like one of my old afro combs,’ she said, skilfully llinking to a page of Google images even as she uttered the words. But…

I love to go a Wanda-ing

‘No question about it. You just have to buy that book,’ I said, listening to Shana describe something she’d found on eBay. ‘But you don’t even do crochet, so what possible use is it to you?’ ‘Who cares!’ I insisted. ‘That is just such a fantastic name for an author. You couldn’t make it up….