Too Busy To Blog!

I’ve been so engrossed working on new designs that I haven’t had time to write any blog posts…except for this one to let you know that I’m busy!! A nasty bout of Ocular Migraines didn’t help either, it only lasted a couple of days, but was then followed by an eye infection, so I thought…

Smoky Crochet

I’d just set up my latest design to be photographed when my dearly loved kitty decided he wanted a piece of the action. Sorry but my free design does not include a free cat!

WIP – Smoky!

I was working on my latest design when Smoky decided that crocheting with fur might be a better idea! This is why I sell patterns not finished work, it gets covered in cat hair! He’s way too cute to get angry at, the baby only wanted some fuss 🙂


Today Bloke is…erm…*whispers* 49, we don’t really do parties, but there is a rather epic chocolate cake for later, and pizza, and egg ‘n’ mayo sandwiches, as Bloke himself would say, “yes, but not all on the same plate”!! I found you an origami cake, I’m sure you could make it for real, I only…