More motif changes!

Slowly, very slowly, (weather gets hotter…I get slower) I’m working on some more reworking of motifs. The main problem is renaming, both me and Chris are getting old, grey cells a bit faded, and brainstorming new names is a wee bit tougher than it used to be!!

When I’d finished re-crocheting ‘Dixie’s Motif’, I could not think of a name, after several days of ‘umming and arring’, Chris made the decision for me. “A Round Tuit” he said, almost gleefully, I snorted derisively, then when he explained that I will eventually get around to naming it, it made sense. And so it is!

Dixie’s Motif is now A Round Tuit

Emma’s Motif is now Orangery

Gracie’s Motif is now Hexaflora

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Motifs

Back in January 2015 I had a design frenzy, the only problem was, I had no idea what to call the patterns. As they were all generally motifs, I decided to give them girls names, from A to Z. I got to L before my crochet mojo left the building. I now realise that the last ones will never be designed and its been holding me back.

So I could either delete the patterns…or re-crochet and rename them, and that is what I’m in the middle of doing. So apologies if I cause any confusion in the process, but I shall do further posts as I progress detailing what the motifs were and what they have been renamed. Assuming of course I don’t lose my mojo again, it’s such a fragile thing and needs long vacations in Tahiti…which I believe is a magical place…according to Phil Coulson…anyway back to crocheting!

Amelia’s Motif is now Vintage Star Doily.

Bella’s Border Motif is now Gerbera Lace Border.

Caroline’s Granny Square Motif is now Cotton Candy Granny Square.

Imogen’s Motif is now Barleycorn Motif.

Hexagons, Octagons & Samosas, oh my!

I’ve done some more updating of my older crochet patterns. This time it was Myrtle In The Round, Epic Picot Hexagon, Granny Was Framed, Samosa Purse and Octagonal Flower.

And once again, here are the before and afters! All these patterns are FREE 🙂


My First Crochet Pattern

Back in October 2013 I published my first crochet pattern, Spring Greens Coaster. It’s always bothered me that back in the day, I mainly used acrylic, before the allergies kicked in.

So I’ve decided to go back and re-crochet some of my earlier patterns in quality cotton yarn, take some clearer photos, and make any amendments where necessary. I do not want to change the patterns, I want them to serve as a record of my earliest work, I’ve just clarified a few details.

Apart from the Spring Greens Coaster, so far I’ve also updated Rambling Wildflower and Dragon Claws. Here are some before and after photos, I hope it shows clearly that I have improved somewhat over the years! These may be FREE patterns, but I still put as much effort into making them look nice 🙂

Neon knots

We recently bought some 2mm rainbow/neon coloured satin cord. Partly to make a rope toy for our cat, Smoky. And partly so I could indulge my fondness for knots. Here are just a few examples, including the sheepshank. What is a sheep’s hank? I hear you ask. Visit your local butcher’s, I reply. He will know far better than I 🙂

For anyone needing a tad more etail, the knots in this gallery are the bowline, butterfly loop, zeppelin bend, sheepshank, figure eight loop, and two views of a three part, four bight turk’s head, also known as a ‘woggle’. Happy now?

Saturday Scraps – Crocheted Card Case

Just a little amusement I crocheted while I was waiting for some yarn to arrive, a card case using the crochet knit stitch similar to the Prairie Pioneer Bag Pattern.

We bought a new set of Lexicon cards as I decided it was best to preserve the old one as a ‘family heirloom’!

I used Patons Washed Cotton DK, which gives a lovely vintage effect and crochets and knits beautifully.