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The knots of yore

If you get interested in knots, over and above simply the ones you need to tie your shoelaces, sooner or later you will want to delve into a few knotting books. Shana bought this old one last week.  Penned by a mysterious Commander J. Irving, it is a 'completely revised and rewritten edition of J… Continue reading The knots of yore

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I love to go a Wanda-ing

'No question about it. You just have to buy that book,' I said, listening to Shana describe something she'd found on eBay. 'But you don't even do crochet, so what possible use is it to you?' 'Who cares!' I insisted. 'That is just such a fantastic name for an author. You couldn't make it up.… Continue reading I love to go a Wanda-ing