I’m knitting backwards for Christmas

A bit of poetic licence with the title, I must confess. Personally, I prefer to follow the forwards arrow of time. It's actually Shana who has been knitting backwards. (If she wants to explain the details, I'll leave it up to her πŸ™‚ Β ) Basically, this backwards knitting is a way to selectively undo a… Continue reading I’m knitting backwards for Christmas


The Great Dishcloth Challenge

Oops, with a title like that I've really gone and 'bigged it up' now, haven't I? It was a short but fun project though and for once both Shana and I could work on making the same thing at the same time. And as a wise washer-upper once said, you can never have too many… Continue reading The Great Dishcloth Challenge


If knitting stitches were eggs

'I've lost my count!' Shana wailed. A fine time to lose count, I thought. She could have done it at some other time than while working on a Β Top Secret new project πŸ™‚ But the wailing continued... 'I have forty-eight stitches here...' 'Now just hold it there a moment,' I said. 'This isn't going to… Continue reading If knitting stitches were eggs


Testing KnitPro Cubics

'Square knitting needles?' I said to Shana in disbelief. 'Square!' But Shana assured me that there was indeed such a thing as square knitting needles and not to worry as it was not April Fool's Day and neither was the world about to end. We agreed to get some of these needles and try them… Continue reading Testing KnitPro Cubics

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Long mat

While the rest of the world (or so it seems) has cottoned on to cotton, I have become a dyed-in-the-wool fan of acrylic. To any yarn purists reading this I might apologise for mixing my metaphors. But not for mixing my fibres πŸ™‚ My latest acquisition (thanks to Shana, who can't actually use it herself… Continue reading Long mat


Neon knots

We recently bought some 2mm rainbow/neon coloured satin cord. Partly to make a rope toy for our cat, Smoky. And partly so I could indulge my fondness for knots. Here are just a few examples, including the sheepshank. What is a sheep's hank? I hear you ask. Visit your local butcher's, I reply. He will… Continue reading Neon knots