Chris and Shana’s Craftshack is the online creative project of none other than Chris and Shana. They are two thirtysomethings (quite a lot of somethings actually) who live at the bottom of a mountain of yarn somewhere in the wilds of England.

Shana has been knitting since she was taught by her grandmother many aeons ago. More recently she taught herself crochet and has gone on to design lots of popular motifs and patterns. At the moment she is just crazy about cable. Or perhaps just crazy. Who can tell?

As for crazy, Chris claims to have invented it. He is a self-styled dilettante and dabbler, and has tried a bit of origami, a little netmaking, and a bit more knotting. He has a licence to carry a lucet in public and is a black belt in kumihimo. He has also had a go at a wee bit of quilling and a smidgen of collage.

When not crafting though, both Shana and Chris love a cup of strong black tea. With one-and-a-half sugars, thanks for asking.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your Blog through Make it Crochet and the link to your Henrietta’s Motif. Thank you for sharing your patterns and talent so generously. I loved reading about you, immediately signed up to follow your Blog. I am just about to try out Chris’s netmaking. Would love to read more about life living at the bottom of the mountain, even if it is crazy, it paints pictures for people far away. Thank you.

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