Personal Update

Sadly it may be a while before we return to blogging. Chris is one of those people who are always fit and healthy, he’s barely seen a doctor or been to hospital in his life. In fact I’m considered the one with poor health.

All that changed at the beginning of March. First the optician diagnosed Chris with possible Glaucoma, an appointment was made for him to go to hospital. At the same time, he’d been having problems with water retention, to the extent that huge water blisters developed on his legs. The doctor came out to see him, the district nurses came out to dress his legs, and Chris was told he needed to go to hospital for tests. Chris refused to go, it’s not that he was being stubborn, he was just bloody terrified, this was something he just could not deal with.

But eventually he gave in and was admitted to hospital, and after a few tests, he was moved to the Cardiac short stay ward with heart failure. At the time he weighed in at just over 17 stones. Within 3 days of treatment, he dropped 3 stones. He was in hospital for 2 weeks, he’s been home for a few weeks now and his weight is down to just over 13 stones.

Overall though, his health is improving, though heart failure can only be managed, not fixed.

Then yesterday everything took a turn for the worse. We went to the hospital for his Glaucoma tests, only to be told that the sight in Chris’ left eye is permanently damaged, and his right one is just hanging on. There is a lot more complication and detail involved, but essentially, at some point in the future, Chris will lose his sight completely.

There is one further issue, for those who don’t know, I have agoraphobia, yet despite this, I’ve been with Chris all the way through. I visited the hospital every day, it wasn’t easy, but for Chris’ sake I had to deal with the anxiety as best as I could.

We decided to post this not to garner sympathy, but to share with you what has been an exceedingly traumatic time, and thank you all for your understanding.


9 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. Really sorry to have just seen this news and hope you’re both managing as well as can be. I was thinking of you both the other day as I finally got around to trying lucetting, something you encouraged me to do via the blog a very long time ago. Thank you for that! My thoughts and best wishes are with you both and I hope you’re able to get the care and management support you need.

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    1. Thank you ❤ It means a lot to both of us that our blog is still read, and is still inspirational 🙂
      Some positive news, Chris is knitting again and is in fine fettle! I just provide back up when he drops stitches!

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