Attention all braiders. You don’t exist!

Knit if you want. Crochet if you must. But don’t talk to me about braiding. Because I found out recently that there is actually no such thing as a braider!

The shock came when we were watching Countdown on Friday 10 November. For those who have never seen it (ie, about two hundred thousand Americans for a start πŸ™‚ ) contestants have to get the longest word possible from a selection of nine letters. Winners stand to take home the grand prize of…a teapot.

Anyway, one hapless anagrammer suggested the word ‘braider’ and was promptly informed by the venerable Susie Dent of the Oxford English Dictionary (an excuse for a lexicon if ever there was one πŸ™‚ ) that ‘braider’ was not a valid word.

So if you are (or think you are a) a braider, sorry but your time is up. Prepare to live the rest of your days in an existential quandary.

Or alternatively, take up knitting instead. You know you want to.


2 thoughts on “Attention all braiders. You don’t exist!

    1. I certainly do. However, those dictionaries have led me to discover a brand new marine species: the Hyphenated Sealion. Turns out that all the books insist on sealion having to be written as sea-lion. Maybe they think it will confuse people if the hyphen is removed. More fool them, I say. We who are not in the least bit confused about knitting two together through the back loop, will not worry about a silly old sealion one bit. What say you? πŸ™‚


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