Twas the wreath before Christmas


Not long ago I wrote about how I had made my parents a scarf each for Christmas. Well, that wasn’t all, because I also collaborated with Shana to make them a Christmas wreath too. No point reinventing the wheel though (or in this case, the wreath) so Shana found an excellent set of instructions in a book called ‘Twas the Knits Before Christmas by Fiona Goble (Ivy Press, 2011). The link, by the way, is just a straightforward link. In other words, we earn nada, zip, and doodly-squat if you click on it, so boo-hoo for us but buy the book anyway ‘cos it’s good.

Anyway, I knitted all the various shades of green for the base colours on this ten-inch masterpiece. And Shana did the bird and the flowers and petals that adorn it. Finally, I hopped onto my trusty lucet and magicked up a goodly length of hanging cord so Ma and Pa can dhow it off to all and sundry, or just sit and wonder at it themselves.

Aren’t they the lucky ones? šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Twas the wreath before Christmas

    1. Stupidly I didn’t take any pictures of covering the doughnut, but I joined the short ends together first, then placed it on the doughnut and wiggled it into place with the seam at the back, and joined it using the ‘mattress stitch’ to make the join allegedly invisible!

      If you check this blog out, that shows a crocheted one being sewn together first, then the ends joined.

      Hope all that helps šŸ™‚


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