Testing KnitPro Cubics

‘Square knitting needles?’ I said to Shana in disbelief. ‘Square!’ But Shana assured me that there was indeed such a thing as square knitting needles and not to worry as it was not April Fool’s Day and neither was the world about to end.

We agreed to get some of these needles and try them for ourselves. And so we did. They are KnitPro Cubics. (No, we are not being paid for writing about their needles, in case you were wondering.)

So we bought two pairs, 4mm and 6mm and set to work devising a little test of our own.

Shana took the 4mm pair and I snaffled the 6mm pair for myself. We cast on fourteen stitches and knitted twenty rows of plain knit stitch, first on a pair of bamboo needles of the same size as our Cubics. And then on the Cubics themselves. Shana used DK weight cotton yarn and I used Aran weight.

On Shana’s dinky little 4mm needles, both her samples came out, as near as dammit (please note, this is not a scientific standard unit of measurement 🙂  ) the same size.

I have much less knitting experience, but my samples, on my man-sized 6mm sticks, also came out at the same size. We are therefore a bit sceptical about claims we read elsewhere than on the KnitPro website, that Cubics produce a slightly smaller swatch than their round needle equivalents.

Shana found virtually no difference in getting her yarn tension right. I would have to agree that I too found little difference.

Cubics are definitely comfortable to hold and not hard to use, so they may be suitable for beginners.

As for the claim that they are especially good for knitters with arthritis problems, I cannot comment on that as I don’t have arthritis. A touch of ide-itis occasionally, but nothing more than that. So I shall leave that open to someone more qualified than I to evaluate.

In conclusion, KnitPro Cubics are definitely worth trying. Even if you don’t intend to replace your entire needle collection (heaven forbid! 🙂 ) it’s always worth having something a bit different in your knitting armoury.

Oh, and as they are square in cross-section, at least they’ll never roll off the table. Gotta be worth it for that alone, surely?



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