Only 150 days until . . .

Chris started it, I wasn’t even thinking about…erm…*whispers* Christmas,  he decided he’d like to knit a scarf, I nonchalantly suggested he might knit one for Mater & Pater, well two obviously, but I meant one each. Before I knew what was happening, Chris had chosen the yarn he’d like to use, I’d ordered it, the yarn arrived and he set forth with gusto!

In the meantime I wondered what delights I could make, and decided to crochet some bath puffs, well actually shower puffs as Mater & Pater don’t have a bath, weird I know, but like us, they are, weird I mean 🙂

So I turned to my favourite puff pattern, Bath Puff & Back Scrubber by Priscilla Hewitt, I’ve never bothered doing my own pattern as there are so many already available, in my opinion, this design in quick and easy, perfect. Now all I had to do was choose my yarn, in the end I couldn’t decided on a colour, so I made two puffs each for Mater & Pater in the wonderful Sugar n Cream Ombres.

And here are the finished puffs…

Many thanks to Chris for doing the lettering for the colourways of the yarn, and talking of Bloke, will he be sharing pics of his scarves? You’ll have to wait and see 🙂


18 thoughts on “Only 150 days until . . .

  1. I made a load of the bath puffs, along with face scrubbers in their own purse, for my daughter last year, an she loves them.
    That’s the beauty of using cotton, isn’t it? 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the scarves once they’re finished 🙂


    1. Sugar ‘n’ Cream is my fav yarn for puffs, just so hard to choose a colour, seen a few more I like now!! 🙂 No promises on Chris showing his scarves, he’s only just taught himself to knit and is still a bit shy lol !!

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      1. I absolutely love Sugar ‘n Cream, and would have multiples of every single colour if I had my way – and could afford the shipping charges for them all! Lol

        Awww, give him time, and i’m sure he’ll be an ace knitter – when you think of it, there used to be many, many more men who knotted than women in the past! 🙂


        1. The link for the yarn in the post is to Wool Warehouse, delivery charges aren’t too bad 🙂 Not sure I should have mentioned that lol
          Oh and it’s not an affiliate link, should have made that clear!

          Chris can be quite stubborn, wouldn’t let me teach him, had to learn his own way, bless,!!

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          1. Thanks for the info, Shana – I love Wool Warehouse, so it won’t be hard for me to put in an order with them! Lol
            As for Chris, I found that, doing stuff myself, made it better to learn, so I guess he must be doing the same thing, hey? 🙂

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    1. I started making them when my allergies kicked in, nylon ones rub me skin up the wrong way! And with the pretty colours you can get in cotton, it’s hard to resist crocheting one 🙂

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