Another Serving of Raspberry Ripple!

I first released the pattern for the Raspberry Ripple bag in 2013, it’s one of my favourites, but I didn’t do it full justice at the time because I used *whispers* acrylic yarn...I wasn’t too impressed with the original pic either, so a new one was taken in 2016…

Raspberry Ripple Bag circa 2013

Well there is now a new improved version I’m much happier with, the pattern didn’t need any alteration, but I tweaked a few things, like crocheting in the round rather than joining rows. And here is the new cotton version…

Raspberry Ripple Bag 2017

Cotton is so much nicer don’t you think?!


8 thoughts on “Another Serving of Raspberry Ripple!

    1. If you use mercerised cotton you get a lovely crisp stitch definition, normal cotton is much softer, and some of the chunky cottons are very wool like…I’m turning into a cotton geek lol 😀

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      1. Yes, I’ve used the mercerised for making amigurumi specifically because of the definition it brings, and I use the softer cottons when I make summer outfits for my daughter 🙂
        I do prefer it to the acrylics, but tend to use them when making blankets, etc, purely through cost, unfortunately – though I’d use a soft cotton for a baby blanket 🙂
        Do you like the cotton/silk mixes? I’ve used a few of them for garments for my girl 🙂


        1. I used a cotton/silk mix for my pig bag design, it was quite nice to use, but generally I stick to plain cotton…as I’m posting this, Chris is stood next to me knitting with Acrylic LOL!!

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