Allergic to cotton??

I’ve been working on a new design for a blankie, I knew it would require an awful lot of yarn, so I had to find some cotton at the best possible price. On previous searches I’d looked at Ice Yarns (Yarn Paradise), but they’re based in Turkey and after a rather bad experience ordering yarn from Bulgaria which took nearly a month to arrive, I wasn’t too keen to order from Turkey. But the price was too good not to give it a try, and to my surprise, the yarn arrived the day after I’d ordered, seriously!!

The yarn I’d chosen was their Baby Cotton, 100% Giza Cotton in a gorgeous shade of yellow. Obviously I was keen to get started, but after a few hours my contact dermatitis kicked in, then my allergic reaction got progressively worse. I felt like I had really bad flu, and my temperature was going through the roof, coupled with dripping wet hot sweats, I had to stop.

I checked the labels of the yarn, it was definitely cotton. So I took a break, and tried again the next day. Same reaction occurred, now I was seriously worried, surely I hadn’t developed an allergy to cotton? I’ve mentioned in other posts that due to my allergies, I can only use cotton, now it looked like even that was causing problems. I was mortified. Then I took a close look at my new KnitPro hooks, could they be the problem, was there nickel in them?

Deciding it was cheaper to get a new hook than new yarn, I order a KnitPro Symfonie wooden hook, it arrived this morning. After several days unable to crochet, I immediately set to work…within thirty minutes the allergic reaction kicked in. In desperation I did a Google search to see if anyone had mentioned any problems with Ice Yarns Baby Cotton, nothing, so I checked their website to make sure the yarn was listed as cotton, and there at the bottom of the listing it said the yarn wasn’t just cotton but it was antibacterial cotton…that was the reason for my allergic reaction. I knew this because I’ve had problems in the past with anti-bacterial products, such as washing-up liquid. I was furious. I’d actually bought the cotton from the Ice Yarns eBay shop, no mention on there of antibacterial, if it had said the cotton was antibacterial, I wouldn’t have purchased it.

Just to make sure, I tried some Rico cotton, absolutely no problem, even using the metal hook.

I’ve contacted Ice Yarns regarding the problem, I’m still waiting for their reply, I shall update this post when I hear something.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for the allergy to settle down, then I shall resume crocheting, as for the blankie, my heart isn’t in it right now, it will be filed until another day *sigh*.


Update 10th July 2017: Just received an email from Ice Yarns, they said I can return the yarn, at my own expense, and they will replace it with another yarn. That is not going to happen, the cost of returning it to Turkey will be more than I paid for the yarn. Lesson learned, double check listings, don’t order from Turkey.


7 thoughts on “Allergic to cotton??

  1. Poor you, Shana 😦
    Having as bad an allergy to pure wool, you really do have my sympathy, and I really hope that Ice Yarns gets back to you quickly, and sorts this out for you 🙂
    I’ve bought from them a few times before, and they were always good so, hopefully, you’ll get the result that you want 🙂


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