My First Crochet Pattern

Back in October 2013 I published my first crochet pattern, Spring Greens Coaster. It’s always bothered me that back in the day, I mainly used acrylic, before the allergies kicked in.

So I’ve decided to go back and re-crochet some of my earlier patterns in quality cotton yarn, take some clearer photos, and make any amendments where necessary. I do not want to change the patterns, I want them to serve as a record of my earliest work, I’ve just clarified a few details.

Apart from the Spring Greens Coaster, so far I’ve also updated Rambling Wildflower and Dragon Claws. Here are some before and after photos, I hope it shows clearly that I have improved somewhat over the years! These may be FREE patterns, but I still put as much effort into making them look nice 🙂


3 thoughts on “My First Crochet Pattern

    1. Thanks, it’s very exciting re-crocheting the old patterns, and I did find a few errors, which puzzles me because quite a few people have crocheted them, and no one mentioned any problems!

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