New Needles!

Although I have a lovely set of wooden knitting needles, the points leave a lot to be desired and have a bad habit of splitting already splitty yarn! So I decided it was time to buy myself one new pair of 4.00mm needles as that is the size I use most.

As I’ve already had a lot of success with using KnitPro Symfonie Circs, I decided to get a pair of straights. I knew they wouldn’t be cheap, but I’ve amassed quite a few Nectar points so I could use a voucher to pay for them. There I was, hovering over the ‘buy now’ button when something caught my eye…these…

Oops…wrong photo, I meant THESE…

KnitPro Karbonz…how could I resist?!

They are the most awesome needles to knit with, and I’m now so inspired that I’m working on a new design. I haz an epic happy 😀


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