Herringbone Lace Socks

My second pair of socks from Ann Budd’s ‘Getting Started Knitting Socks’ book, I think I’m getting the hang of it!

Herringbone Lace Socks
Herringbone Lace Socks

The yarn is Pure Cotton Double Knitting by Razzle Dazzle yarns…never heard of it? Neither had I until I found it on eBay sold by a shop called benlyndalle, who offer quite a range of fair priced yarn. This particular one is only £2.65 per 100g ball (excluding p&p), and that was enough to knit the pair of socks. It can be a bit splitty, but overall knits up nicely and is very soft to wear.

I found that it was easier and quicker knitting these patterned socks than the plain ones I knitted earlier, concentrating on the lace kept my attention focussed!

Will there be any more socks? Well I’ve got a book showing how to knit 2 pairs at once with circs…so maybe 🙂


15 thoughts on “Herringbone Lace Socks

            1. Even though my Grandma taught me to knit when I was young, I never really bothered about it, then after teaching myself to crochet, I decided to knit again, and haven’t stopped since! Don’t try and do too much, just keep practising, and more importantly, enjoy what you knit…I think the buzzword is mindfullness, just remember to breathe!! 🙂

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                1. I know a lot of crafts, tried them all over the years, it’s all therapy for me. When I sit knitting, I remember back to when my Grandma used to knit, the rhythmic click, click, click of the needles, and watching in awe as a perfect jumper would appear in front of me. I’m not as good a knitter as my Grandma was, but I do my best 🙂 Try again, you might surprise yourself, and the thrill of knitting something unique for yourself is truly awesome 🙂


      1. Mine would never stay up, or white. I remember a party with my cousins who I saw once every 2-3 years, so we were all a bit shy, and they had white socks which stayed up, but the girls never moved and looked really grumpy. My socks were grubby and round my ankles, but I was much happier

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