Socktober Redux

In October 2015 I knitted a sock, just the one, with the intention of knitting a pair…it never happened. Mojo died, enthusiasm left the building, whatever the reason, I failed 😦

Now, over a year later I have finally knitted one whole pair of socks, wooohooo!!

pinksocks 2016
They haven’t been washed or blocked, and I made a few mistakes, but at least I have a whole pair of socks, in pink! The yarn I used is Paton’s Washed Cotton DK, it’s actually a lot finer that I would have liked, but it knits beautifully. Not sure how much yarn I used, there was a partial ball, then one full ball, then a bit of another full ball, so I guess around 1½ balls.

The pattern is from Ann Budd’s ‘Getting Started Knitting Socks’, it was quite easy to follow the instructions, which are written for DPN’s. I actually started with circs, using the Magic Loop technique, then changed over to DPN’s for the shaping and finishing.

Will I knit another pair? Hmm, I’m thinking about it, ask me again next year!!

NB: For the record, they didn’t actually take me a year to knit, just a few days!


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