Better the dibber you know…

Doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re never too old to own a dibber. I acquired my first ever dibber only this week and I’m 1 years old (oh dear, I seem to have deleted the figure in the tens column but never mind eh? 🙂 ).

Stranger still, I have a dibber and I’m still not a gardener! So what was the thinking behind Shana’s forking out a whole two and a half English pounds to buy me this dibber? Well, it’s all to do with one of those dastardly Turks head knots that I wrote about a little while ago. The golden yellow 4 lead, 5 bight knot featured in that post can also be tied on a T-shaped handle. You could use it to decorate a tool handle, a fence rail, or even (depending on your choice of fancy cordage) a car steering wheel, if you think of a wheel spoke and where it meets the wheel rim as another kind of T shape.

To practice, I needed something suitable. Which is how this dibber came to me. Here’s some old cordage by way of a sort of sample. Soon, you too shall learn how to tie this knot…

Oh, and if anyone has suddenly been stricken with dibber envy, I can reveal that it is a Silverline dibber. Only the best here at the CraftShack, of course.


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