Hurrah for rope!

It’s a long story so I’ll make it short. In rope terms that would mean using a sheepshank, which is just a quick way  to shorten a long piece of rope without cutting it. (More about sheepshanks soon; somebody stop me 🙂 )

So, keeping it short, as promised, basically we have a grocery delivery every two weeks, and to help things go as smoothly as possible, I always temporarily tie open the door to the walkway where the delivery driver brings his stack of  grocery boxes through. Recently, my tatty old piece of thick shoelace suffered a catastrophic failure, ie it broke. My replacement length of thin electric flex (more like hifi speaker wire really) was also looking quite strained in places. Crisis was looming.

The shoelace cordage was easily fixed using something called a ‘butterfly bend’. I bet you never heard David Attenborough use that phrase in his Living Planet series, did you!

My butterfly bend worked fine, but Shana decided to splash out on some pink paracord. This was ok up to a point but could sometimes be a bit slippery if I wanted to put an adjustable hitch in it. Here’s what Shana found. Now this is what I call rope 🙂 Isn’t that just a luvverly piece of jute?


Oh, and she also snaffled some cotton cordage at the same time. I reckon there’ll be one or two handy knot tutorials coming up on here soon. ..



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