Twilley’s Health Vests

Amongst my vintage patterns is this leaflet, ‘Health Vests as recommended by the medical profession’. Despite the fact I have some Twilley’s cotton, Chris will not let me knit a vest for him. I don’t understand why not, by the markings inside the leaftlet it’s quite probably someone already knitted one. Maybe he’s concerned that if he wears the vest he’ll have to invest in some Brylcreem, and with the length of his hair, that would not be a pretty sight!!


4 thoughts on “Twilley’s Health Vests

  1. What people had to put up with not that long ago. It doesn’t look comfy to wear, and perhaps less than attractive to the opposite sex? I think Chris has a point….

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    1. I remember when men wore them under nylon shirts, you could see them quite clearly, not a pleasant sight! I think Chris would change his mind if I knitted him one in pink silk LOL!!!!

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