How I finally got my head around the Turk’s head

As a keen dabbler in the world of knots, I have long been intrigued by the intricate patterns of what are known as Turk’s Head knots. For a long time though, I just couldn’t get my head around even the simplest of them.

One of the most basic Turk’s head knots of all is one that is used by boy scouts all over the world. ย They call it a ‘woggle’, and they use it to fix in place the neckerchief that is part of the scouts’ uniform. (I could be wrong. Maybe they all wear hoodies these days. Who knows? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Anyway, I was particularly peeved at my inability to tie this particular knot. How can it be, I grumbled, that I, a fortysomething (a lot of something, by the way) bloke, can’t figure out how to tie a knot that is second nature to a ten-year-old!

So for a while I didn’t bother looking at any Turk’s heads. Then I had another try. This time all those beautifully clear photographs and diagrams that were impervious to me before suddenly made sense. I made up some cordage out of variousl colours of scrap yarn, using my lucet, and then tied several different Turk’s head knots. Feast your peepers on the gallery below and be truly awestruck. And no, I haven’t cut and tidied all the ends. Just admire the under-over-under sequences. One day I might tell you how you too can tie these beauties ๐Ÿ™‚

Technical stuff for geeky knotters:
The Turks head knots in the gallery are as follows.
Red = 4 Lead, 3 Bight
Lilac/White = 5 Lead, 4 Bight
Green = 3 Lead, 4 Bight (this one is the scouts’ woggle!)
Orange = 3 Lead, 5 Bight
Yellow = 4 Lead, 5 Bight (more about this one in a future post).


7 thoughts on “How I finally got my head around the Turk’s head

    1. First off, you don’t actually need a lucet. If you can knit a metre length of i-cord you can use that to tie some fancy turks head knots. Cordage made on a lucet tends to be square in profile rather than flat or round. However, the speed you can make cordage on a lucet is phenomenal, even without rushing. I must get round to posting a lucet how-to sometime soon.

      As for tying turks head knots, there are loads of vid tutorials on youtube, some better than others. One partucular turks head though, doesn’t seem to be on there so I may be doing a little tutorial about one soon (ish). Watch this space. I have a copy of a little book on Knots and splices by Des Pawson which is also excellent for learning sonme new knots. More knotting will appear on the Craftshack in due course though, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

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