Random Knitting – Just A Collar

When I’m undecided as to what to knit, I often turn to one of my vintage knitting books to find something to amuse me. My knitting today is part of a pattern called ‘Lace Stitch Jersey’ from the book, ‘Knitted Garments For All’.

Lace Collar
Lace Collar

My little sample was knitted using Sirdar Sublime Egyptian cotton, and here’s the pattern should you also wish to knit yourself ‘just a collar’, bear in mind this is exactly as written in the book!

The Collar

With No. 12 needles cast on 16sts and k. 4 rows.
Continue in following patt.:-
1st row – K4, K2tog, wfd, K1, wfd, K2tog, k3, wfd, k2tog, wfd, k2.
2nd row – K7, p8, k2.
3rd row – K3, k2tog, wfd, (k3, wfd, k2tog) twice, wfd, k2.
4th row – K8, p8, k2.
5th row – K3, k2tog, wfd, k3, wfd, k2tog, k2, wool twice round needle, k2, wfd, k2tog, k2.
6th row – K7, (k1, p1, k1) into next loop, k2, p8, k2.
7th row – K5, wfd, k3tog, wfd, k10, wfd, k2tog, wfd, k2.
8th row – K13, p8, k2.
9th row – K19, wfd, k2tog, wfd, k2.
10th row – K22, turn.
11th row – K to end.
12th row – Cast off 8 sts, k to end.

Rep. last 12 rows until shortest edge of work measures about 14½ ins., ending with a 12th patt. row.
Work 4 rows in g.st.
Cast off.




4 thoughts on “Random Knitting – Just A Collar

  1. Very pretty – it looks lovely against the turquoisy background 🙂
    I actually crocheted a collar a few months ago, and loved how it came out – but so did my daughter, so she took it away on her last visit 🙂
    She says she’s going to use it as a necklace, of all things 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The background is some hessian I bought years ago for a craft project I’ve long since forgotten about!
      That sounds like a good use for a collar, saves sewing it on to a garment, especially if crocheted, or knitted, with beads on 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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