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Circular Squares

In my previous post about using the Magic Loop method with circs, I’ve been experimenting with shapes, well one shape so far, a square.

square 'n' circs

I needed to cast off a little looser, and blocking would help, but not bad for a first attempt methinks.

I found the method in one of my old vintage books and modified it for circs, here’s the basic pattern, hope it makes sense!


1st Round: Cast on 8sts, divide between the two needles using the Magic Loop method.
2nd Round: Knit.
3rd Round: Inc in each st around. (16 sts)
4nd Round: Knit.
5rd Round: *Inc in 1st st, K2, inc in next st* around.
6th Round: Knit.
7th Round: *Inc in 1st st, K4, inc in next st* around.
8th Round: Knit.
9th Round: *Inc in 1st st, K6, inc in next st* around.
10th Round: Knit.

Continue increasing as above on next and every alternate round, noting that there will be 2 sts more in the group of sts. Cast off loosely after an increase round.

Enjoy 🙂


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