Magic Circs

I’ve always struggled to use DPN’s, but over the years I’ve managed to knit a few items, I even tried to knit socks, I think my attention span gave out on that one!

Here’s a little selection of some of my efforts over the years.

I wanted to learn how to use the Magic Loop technique, but every attempt failed. Then I realised why, the cables of my circs were too stiff. So I decided to invest in some REAL circs, interchangeable ones. After reading endless sites, reviews, comments and getting in a complete muddle, I finally chose KnitPro Symfonie. The cable is 100cm, the tips 3.00mm.

KnitPro Symfonie

At last, my creativity can be unleashed! I’ve just ordered another pair of tips, 4.00mm, and I’ve already got a design on the drawing board paper, but for now, here’s a little sample of my first attempt at knitting a flat circle!


I swear I can hear professional knitters sniggering at my lame attempt, scoff ye not, I will improve!!



5 thoughts on “Magic Circs

    1. I’ve got one more crochet project to finish, and then I’m going to focus on knitting, there’s so much I want to explore, and the new circs are awesome! 🙂


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