Organza Yarn

Sometimes yarn is delivered vacuum packed with all the life sucked out of it, sometimes it’s delivered squished into a plastic bag…but sometimes you get a special treat. This is how my yarn has just arrived from the Wool Warehouse, in a pretty organza bag with ribbons, WOW!!

organza yarn

The yarn is Lily Sugar’n Cream, a massive 400g cone, in sage, obviously 100% cotton and Aran weight, that should keep me crocheting for a while!




13 thoughts on “Organza Yarn

  1. Yes, I’ve put in a few orders with Wool Warehouse this year, and they are becoming a firm favourite, somewhat due to the organza bags, I have to admit – and i’m putting in another order with them this evening, too! Lol
    I’ll soon have a nice collection of bags to use when presenting my crocheted works to loved ones 🙂
    I love that Sugar ‘n Cream yarn – it crochets up beautifully 🙂

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    1. I usually spend hours trying to find the most yarn for the smallest price, eBay being one of my regular places, but sometimes going direct to the website is cheaper! I could save myself a fortune if I could crochet/knit with acrylic, or even acrylic blends, but sadly it has to be cotton unless I want to break out into a rash, and feel icky :/ Chris has no problems with acrylic and has his own stash quite seperate to mine, we’re a two-stash household lol 😀

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      1. That’s my kind of household! 🙂
        I use eBay at times, too, especially when I only want a small amount of a particular yarn – or if I come across a bargain, but I’ve been shopping mostly at Wool Warehouse and Deramores this year, with the occasional foray into Ice Yarn heaven! Lol
        My accounts at Red Heart and Caron must be feeling particularly abandoned, I feel! Lol
        I have the opposite problem to you, though, as I can’t use anything with any kind of sheep wool in it 😦
        I tend to use acrylic blends, silk when I can afford it, and pure cotton/cotton blends whenever I can.
        I’ve yet to try the mohair blend I bought recently, and am hoping that goat doesn’t affect me the same as sheep does 🙂

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        1. I found a company on eBay selling Rico Aran cotton for a good price, then I found their web site and it was even cheaper! I’m not sure how their prices compare for other yarns, but here’s the linky anyway; I think I only bought from them because they’re based in my home town lol
          I thought I could get away with using wool, but after knitting Chris a waistcoat, I soon realised I couldn’t!
          That reminds me, I’ve got some yarn on watch on eBay…did I really say I wasn’t buying any more??!! XD

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          1. Thank you sooooo much for the link – you were right, the prices really are good! 🙂
            I also loved the alpaca yarns, as their price is pretty good, too, and their range of colours are stunning!

            I know what I’ll be buying soon! Lol

            About not buying any more yarn? That phrase just doesn’t stick in the mind of anyone who uses it! Lol

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  2. I bought a huge amount of Stylecraft from them a while ago for making a blanket and I loved the huge organza bag they sent it in. It’s a great way to store yarns and a good excuse for a bulk order. Hope you enjoy the crocheting!

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