Haunting Yarns and Ordinary Colours

Chris should take credit for finding these two fascinating articles, I shall take credit for sharing them, and spelling colour correctly!!

A Haunting Yarn

a haunting yarn

I don’t knit, but that hasn’t stopped me from lurking around the Etsy shop of a German merchant called DyeForYarn. The pun, though forced, is fitting. Just take a look at the macabre names bestowed on many of the colors.

courtesy of Fritinancy

Where Have All the Ordinary Color Names Gone?

Here’s a little quiz to test your knowledge of color names. Can you identify where on the spectrum these colors — all of them well documented, some of them brand-specific — are located?

  1. Inch Worm
  2. Dead Spaniard
  3. Isabella
  4. I’m Not Really a Waitress
  5. Synergy

Baffled? Frustrated? Annoyed that color naming nowadays is so arcane and confusing? I sympathize with the first two reactions. But don’t be too quick to blame oddly named colors on Kids These Days: two of the names in the quiz date back to the Elizabethan era.

courtesy of visualthesaurus


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