Beginner’s guide to netmaking, Part 1

Why would you want to make a net anyway? Well, there are loads of reasons. You might want to tie down a load on the back of a small trailer. You could make a net grocery bag. You could rig up a sling for all those pesky teddy bears and other soft toys so that you can put them all in their own communal hammock suspended from a couple of ceiling hooks. Or, like one of our readers, you might want to make a particular kind of net so you can catch rabbits. Not sure whether I totally approve of that or not. Each to his own, I guess. Although I can’t promise any recipes for bunny stew on these pages. Sorry 😦

The simple (hopefully, easy to follow) tutorials on this blog will show the basic steps of netmaking. You might want to use thinner cordage, more or fewer meshes etc, Adapt my instructions to your own requirements.

To begin, you will need some netting needles. These are available in lots of places (a quick online search should do the trick) and various sizes. If you’re not sure what size you’ll need, buy an assortment and experiment with them. Here are mine:

Then you will need whatever cordage might be best for your needs. Nets can be made from knitting yarn, embroidery thread, jute twine and probably even from wire. Take your pick.

Here’s how to load your netting needle with the cordage of your choice:

First make a slip knot.


Hook the slip knot over the ‘tongue’ of the needle and pull it closed.


Bring the cordage (let’s call it ‘twine’ from her on, shall we?) down to the bottom of the needle.

Then turn the needle to view its other side…



…and bring the twine up…



…and loop it round the tongue of the needle once again.

Then bring the twine down to the bottom of the needle once more, before turning and repeating all the previous steps.



Here’s what the needle will look like when it’s full. You’re almost ready to start making nets πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Beginner’s guide to netmaking, Part 1

  1. Well, your beginning photos have already surprised me, as I hadn’t imagined the needle would be loaded up the way you’ve done – it’s good to learn something new!

    Now all I have to do is cajole Mr Night Owl into wanting to make his own net items, instead of wanting me to do it! Lol

    BTW, he has decided to retire from bunny hunting, due to the arthritis playing him up something chronic, but was intrigued to learn that net-making could involve making hammocks!

    He reckons, if he can get string strong enough, he (or I) can make a hammock, to enjoy all this wonderful summer weather (although I think that last bit was sarcasm) Lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t give him ideas!
        He’s already talking about wanting another garden shed so he can move all the stuff he’s storing in the one we’ve got – I think he’s planning on making a man-cave! Lol


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