More Cowbell

Oops, I meant more cables!! Yet another selection from my cable book, I think I need therapy!

As before, Chris did the signage, I took the pics.

And yes, I am a big Blue Oyster Cult fan 😀



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  1. I am bowing to you in sheer awe right now! 🙂
    I love my crochet but, up to now, the cable stitch has defeated me utterly 😦
    One day, after these present CAL’s, and my list-as-long-as-my-arm WIP’s are out of the way, I will start practicing the cable stitch and, by dint of sheer determination (and constant practice) am determined to overcome this dearth! 🙂

    1. Shana Rae says:

      Aww thanks ❤ Be warned, once you start cabling, there is no way back, it’s soooooooo addictive!! 🙂

      1. Maybe it’s as well I’ll be doing it once my major CAL’s & WIP’s are out o the way then 🙂
        A nice Winter pastime, methinks! Lol

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