Welcome to the world of net noir

My efforts in netmaking have been fraught with difficulties recently. Loose knots, slipping threads, and snagged loops mostly. So frustrating that I might have felt like tearing my hair out, but for the fact that, even at times like this, net making can be so absorbing (some might call it addictive) that I’d probably only have wanted to make more netting out of it. Imagine that: a real hair net.

Altogether: Eugh!

After a few tests to find what I was doing wrong (answer: not much, but enough 🙂 ) today went much better. I used some fine crochet cotton that Shana bought a few weeks ago, and I managed a good length of netting. I started in red, did a few rows of increases up to about  thirteen or fourteen meshes, switched to pink, then changed back to red for the final rows of decreases. Shana is now using it as a decorative drape over a mirror.

Halfway through making the net, I noticed some rather pretty patterns on the table below my work. I called to Shana to bring the camera over. It seems that even though I was making a red and pink net, I was also making a shadow net. A little piece of netting magic of which I had, until that moment, been unaware. Shana’s pictures are quite atmospheric, even slightly spooky. ‘A bit like film noir,’ I suggested. But then we decided it was even better: net noir!


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