Yarn Barfs

Yarn by its nature has a propensity to get knotted, generally this is artistically intended in the process of such crafts as knitting and crochet. However, there are times when yarn self knots and becomes a yarn barf, I suspect this may happen when yarn is bored of waiting to be creatively knotted into something beautiful, but that’s just a theory.

Yesterday I decided to deal with an extremely rebellious ball of Adriafil Floris Classic which had not only morphed into a yarn barf, but had had a whole family of them too, quite a mess. It didn’t take me too long to tame the beast and rewind it, I quite enjoy the challenge of de-barfing yarn.

From the depths of the library Chris remarked that I seem to be quite good at dealing with yarn barfs, I quietly replied, “It’s because I’m a yarn whisperer…” I think Chris may have guffawed briefly before returning to his netting endeavours.


9 thoughts on “Yarn Barfs

  1. I have to admit to getting a quiet satisfaction in dealing with yarn barfs, too . I think there’s something quite therapeutic in creating order from such spaghetti junctions as I’ve been handed over the years 🙂
    I’d love to learn the art of yarn whispering, too! Lol

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          1. Wow! I bow to you in wonder 🙂
            I’m relatively new to eyelash yarn and, so far, haven’t had a barf to cope with but, seeing how difficult it is for me to crochet with it, I’m not sure I could be as brave as you in tackling it 🙂

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            1. I’d had the eyelash yarn for years, hidden away in the dark depths of a cupboard, but thought it was time it was tamed! It’s nasty stuff to crochet with, so using it with another yarn, I knitted a mouse for Smoky, he seems to enjoy “killing” it lol !!

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