A net hath appeared!

No idea where those blog post titles come from. They just spring straight out of my head like instant inspiration 🙂

This post’s title is a bit misleading though. It makes me sound sort of surprised, as if a net came into being where once was naught. Whereas, in reality (ah, I remember reality…) I’ve been working on this particular net for at least a couple of days.

The material wasn’t that important. It was just to try something bigger than small sample pieces. I chose to do a flat rectangular panel comprising thirty rows of eight meshes, and at first I picked some gold Aran acrylic yarn from our six-foot-tall luxury plastic storage bins on wheels, which we have chosen to name ‘Acrylic Heights’.

All was going well until the later stages (row 25 or thereabouts) when the piece was so long that it was off the edge of the dining room table. I flipped the work over, did row 26, and then found it had somehow formed itself into a golden Gordian knot.

I was most dismayed.

Attempts at remedial work on Monday morning failed miserably. Only on Tuesday did I sort of rescue it. By threading through some lengths of hemp cordage, I turned it into a small golden acrylic net bag.

Today though, was grocery day, and Shana had ordered some string. This afternoon I started making my eight-by-thirty net panel again in exactly the same way as before. I started with what us netmakers call a chain, which gets your first two rows done. Then I transferred the first row loops onto a snap keyring, picked up the second row, and started netting. With a break for our evening meal, all was finished before 7pm. As a mesh gauge, I used a green plastic ruler, the first time I’ve actually used a rigid gauge (up till now I’ve bee using assorted sizes of heavy duty cardboard). String by Sainsbury’s was also much easier to work with than that dastardly acrylic.

Tomorrow, after a few simple design considerations, I hope to convert today’s efforts into a net bag. Watch this space for exclusive pics 🙂


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