Royston yarn bomb victim thanks vandals


A yarn bomber says vandals who repeatedly removed her woollen artwork, throwing it around a Hertfordshire town, have done her “a big favour”.
Laura Whitford decorated the centre of Royston with colourful nets and bunting to publicise a craft fair on Saturday.
The nets have been thrown on to a roof and into trees almost every day since she put them up on Sunday night.
However, Mrs Whitford put her story online and said so many people saw it, everyone “now knows about the fair”.

Royston yarn bomb victim thanks vandals – BBC News.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I also found this article;

Colourful knitting left on a cycle path was “littering” and it will be removed, according to Dumfries and Galloway Council.
Dumfries was “yarn-bombed” on Tuesday night by a group known as the “Bollard and Chicane Protection Authority”.
They left knitted and crocheted items on bollards and railings.
In a blog post, the group said: “This is a town with some nice cycle paths but far too many invisible bollards (and chicanes).”
They said they were designed to be seen in all light conditions,. A reflective thread ensured they were visible at night.
But the local authority has condemned the move.
A spokesman said: “If the positioning of bollards and other street furniture is an issue for people, they should raise the matter with the council directly.
“However colourful the yarn may be, it is littering and will be removed as part of ongoing maintenance.”
However, a later statement seemed to soften that stance.
“We appreciate arts and crafts in the region and this is certainly a very colourful way to draw attention to an issue,” it said.
“If the group contact the council we would be happy to listen to their thoughts.”

Dumfries ‘yarn-bombs’ are litter says D&G council.


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