Allergic to Crochet

I was recently asked what brand are the hooks that I used in the picture of my Crochet Hook Tidy, well the simple answer is they are a cheap non-branded variety. I would love to own Addi hooks, but finances will not permit such luxury, besides there is a reason why I chose these hooks.

For many years I’ve been allergic to man-made fibres, but until recently I’d managed to crochet with acrylic, to a point, but slowly I’ve moved towards cotton/acrylic mixes, or cotton if I’ve been able to buy up bargains on eBay! On the whole though I’ve managed to cope.

A few weeks ago my allergy developed into really nasty patches of eczema, and despite restricting contact with acrylic, it did not seem to be improving. The rash was worse around the area where I held my crochet hook, and slowly, very slowly, it dawned on me, my earrings were irritating me, now my hooks…it was nickel-allergy. This was almost the final straw, I already couldn’t use acrylic, now I couldn’t use my hooks.

With limited funds I had to search for alternatives, I’d bought bamboo Tunisian Crochet hooks from Creativity by Knitbag on eBay and found she stocked some generic hooks with plastic handles, yes they still had metal ends, but I wouldn’t be holding them, I like bamboo but not the hook ends, I prefer the sharper metal ones. The set of 6 hooks cost a mere £5.95, they’re 5.5″/14cm in length and because of the way I hold my hook, are absolutely perfect for me.

At the same time I bought some plastic earrings, and combined with the new hooks, and avoiding acrylic wherever possible, I have, for now, tamed my crochet allergy.



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