Standing on the shoulders of Kumihimo giants

Having got a kumihimo disk just over a week ago, I am now amassing a huge arsenal of round plastic bobbins. They are mega-useful for keeping all those miles of warp threads under control. One consequence of all this bobbin usage though, is that, if you lift the disk up to check how your pattern is going, it all looks like some weird foam and plastic jellyfish. And if you get a bit of a rhythm going, the tapping and clicking of the bobbins as they gently collide under the disk, sounds like nothing so much as a mass breakout from the Pelham Puppets factory.

So, in my usual relaxed manner (got all the time in the world, me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I have been nicely absorbed in trying out a few braiding patterns, as well as raiding the Web for new ideas. My favourites so far (and Shana is quite taken with them too) are the raised spiral, which not only looks good but has a great texture too. The hearts pattern also looks excellent and needs only two colours. I made it using some Arran that Shana bought recently. And the kumihimo zig zag, which I tried today, has a very striking appearance, and it will also test your powers of concentration with all its changes of direction. Well worth the attempt though.

Shana thinks I’m a genius. And while I’m not going to argue with that ๐Ÿ™‚ credit has to be given to the brainy braiders who first came up with these patterns. I’m sure it would take more than a few hours of experimentation and lucky guesswork to discover some of the ones I’ve been doing. Feel free, however, to admire my sample pieces. One day I might even get round to finishing the ends and putting some fancy closures on them. One day…


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