Getting Ahead With Hair

For this tutorial, you will need, some yarn, needle and thread, cardboard, and of course a head!

The type of yarn depends on what kind of hair style you are trying to achieve, for the purposes of this tutorial, I used 3-ply. It is also advisable to use a sewing thread that matches as closely as possible to the head colour, or if you don’t want the stitches to be visible, as in a parting, then use a colour that matches the yarn. Cardboard size will determine the length of the hair, which of course can always be trimmed, so it’s best to make it longer than required.

Wrap the yarn evenly around the cardboard, working backwards and forwards for a few wraps, don’t stretch the yarn, just maintain an even tension.

Insert needle between yarn and cardboard, and backstitch along the edge to secure the yarn, turn the cardboard and work another row of backstitch and if necessary, a row of running stitches.

If you have chosen to use a thread colour that matches the yarn, then any uneven stitches will not be visible.

Carefully cut through the yarn on the opposite side to where it has been backstitched, this is what the finished hair will look like.

Don’t fasten off the thread, use it to sew the hair to the head, in some cases it may be necessary to add several pieces of hair to create a more natural style.

It’s always best to trim the hair after it’s been sewn on the head and style accordingly.

I hope this basic tutorial will help you get ahead with hair!



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