First steps in Kumihimo

‘I’ll never get the hang of this braiding disc!’ I said. ‘Those little plastic bobbins keep flying around all over the place and getting tangled up. Pesky ‘crummy-himo’!’

Later yesterday though, I watched part of a short tutorial on the art of kumihimo braiding, and realised where I’d been going wrong. My warp threads had not been securely fixed in the notches at the edge of the disc. Instead, I had merely rested them there and expected them to behave and defy gravity.

Armed with my new knowledge, I managed a couple of decent lengths of braiding today. We are all proper chuffed here, that’s for sure!

kumihimo disc

Interestingly, on glancing at the little leaflet that came with my kumihimo disc, I found a few helpful tips. One of them was to make sure the threads are well fixed into the notches.

Typical bloke, aren’t I? Don’t bother to read all the instructions. Just start anyway. My bad 🙂


3 thoughts on “First steps in Kumihimo

    1. It just shows, no matter what your age may be, young or old, there’s always something new to learn. If you like kumihimo braiding, you might also like loopbraiding (or fingerloop braiding). As usual loads of information and tutorials are online. I must post some of my loopy efforts on here soon.Watch this space…

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