How to keep fit with knots

Yes, now you can keep fit without having to endure hours of gruelling exercises like press-ups or the mind-numbing tedium of ‘The Plank’ (that’s just one looooong press up really, isn’t it?).

All you need is one sturdy pencil (mine was 18cm) and a fairly robust shoelace. The example in our pics was just over four feet long. And the knot we shall use is a superduper friction hitch called the icicle hitch. Tie it properly, using suitable cordage and it will grip hard around metal pipes, wooden poles and most such things where lesser knots would simply slip off. Here though, we’re going to make a homemade chest expander. Is fun, yes? 🙂

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Basically, this involves tying the icicle hitch to both ends of your pencil. Prepare to be amazed at how much force you can exert without the cordage coming off.

I didn’t invent the icicle hitch, but I certainly admire it. In the above pics I tied it two ways. First, I used the method you use when you have access to the ends of whatever you’re tying it around. Second, I tied it as if the pencil was attached to something else at both ends (as, for example, a fence rail might be). You end up with the same hitch in the end but the last stage is slightly different. The photos should make it all clear.

Anyway, here’s to all of us getting back in shape and saving a ton of money into the bargain by using knots to make our own exercise equipment. Me? After all that hard work, I think I need a sit down and a cake 🙂


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